WIN – Hand-crafted Apple Wood pen & signed sketch.

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WINNER. The Pen and Signed Sketch is on its way to Salwa Afef. Congratulations Salwa! in the Netherlands.

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I’m giving away this beautifully crafted Apple Wood Pen (worth $50) created by pen-turning artist Darrell Eisner of scotianpens.com and I’ll also include an original signed sketch on paper by me! (Nicki FitzGerald) sketched with the fountain pen version of this pen. (Yes, I own one of these gorgeous pens).

This beautiful pen is crafted by pen-turning artist Darrell Eisner…
plus a signed sketch by me. (Nicki FitzGerald)

If you want to jump straight to the Pen & Sketch competition scroll further down the page but if you have a moment, you might like to read the next little bit on how I use “real” drawings and marks in my images.

Using drawings in my work

Writing, drawing and painting with real pens, brushes and paper are just as important to me as creating work digitally with my iPad or iPhone and I’ll often mix the two; taking photos of drawings or paintings with my iPhone and using my iPad to blend them with other digital images like the examples shown below.

In this image you can see part of the drawing of a chair from my sketch book edging in from the right.

In the image below, I blended an iPhone photo of some drawings I photographed on the walls of a music college in London. 

Any energetic kind of mark-making or writing is potential collage material for me.
I’ll often use parts of my shopping list or other notes I find around the home or on my travels. 

Shopping lists often find their way into my images. Despite my scrawled handwriting, I like the energy in the biro marks.

This square image combines photographs, (made transparent or cut out with the selection tool in Procreate or Superimpose X apps) of notes found around my home with textures shot near the harbour where I live. All the photos in my images are shot with an iPhone.

Using Superimpose X, I blended handwritten notes with other textures to create this image.

Hand drawn and written elements have a wonderful energy to them. I’ll always have mark making tools around and if they are beautifully made too…that’s got to be a bonus!

…so, here’s your chance to get hold of this gorgeous writing or drawing pen, the Apple Wood Big Ben… and even if you don’t use pens much, this is going to look lovely in your pen box or would make a beautiful present for someone special.

The Apple wood Big Ben is waiting for one lucky subscriber.

WIN an artist-turned pen and original sketch. 

Nova Scotian, Pen turning artist, Darrell Eisner, from scotianpens.com  has generously donated this rather beautiful Acadian Apple Wood Ball point pen crafted from the Apple Wood of Nova Scotia. Below you can see the very tree it was crafted from. That is so cool!

The pen is made from this very tree, which had lived out it’s 150+ years’ life.

…and since paper is so nice with a pen, I’ll also send this signed sketch of a chair I drew a few weeks ago during the Armchair Art Adventures course launch. 

Chair sketch by me (Nicki FitzGerald) will be parcelled up with the pen for the winner.

About the chair sketch…

I happened to be in the middle of my launching the Armchair Art Adventures Course when  I got a debilitating migraine. Digital screens were dumped in favour of the kinder paper and voila!….this chair emerged drawn with the fountain pen version of this pen!

For a chance to win the pen & sketch…

It’s easy! All you’ll need to do is follow the 2 instructions below.

How do I enter?

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    Pen & Chair Sketch

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DEADLINE Thursday 23 July 2020 EST midnight.

The WINNER will be picked out at random and announced on Saturday 25 July 2020.

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  1. Dale Botha said:

    SOOOOOO Excited! I love pens! I have my Dad’s fountain pen which has my baby teeth marks in the gold plated lid…apparently he let me teeth on it, lol! OMGoodness what an amazing dad he was! thanks so much for all you do Nicky!

  2. Cecily Caceu said:

    Hi Nicki! I am obsessed with pens and especially fountain pens!!! I hope you and your family are doing ok in this strange time!

    • Nicki Fitz-GeraldNicki Fitz-Gerald said:

      Hi Cecily! Yes me too! and these Scotian pens are particularly beautiful! and if no luck this time, there will be more lovely gifts to giveaway soon. We are all fine; all the family having a very creative and productive summer. I hope you and yours are all well too. Still hope we’ll meet again some day – with our families would be lovely!

    • Nicki Fitz-GeraldNicki Fitz-Gerald said:

      You are very welcome Salwa! Thanks for being part of our creative iPhone & iPad community! Your work is full of curiosity and wonderful colour. The gifts are on their way this week x