Vintage And Aging Photo Effect Tutorials (level: for beginners)

While the word vintage means old, old and vintage are relative terms. For one person, a vintage portrait could mean one specific era and for another a completely different timespan. Sure, this is a huge and broad topic, so I revisit it many times each time, trying to present something different in a different way. Old and vintage photographs always give you that sense of history and all the great memories that come along with it. Sometimes a photo looks very boring, but when you run it through the right applications and apply the right filters and adjustments, finally you can get a great final output.

Today I am going to explain/clarify how to create a vintage effect for your portrait, going in two different ways at once.

All the Apps Used In This Tutorial: Big Lens, Strut Type, Iris and Blender


1) Select original image. I used a photo that I shot with 645 PRO app. (selected T3  Color Settings).
If you’ve select a color photo, then you can get rid of the color and turn it into a BW.



2) To remove some (background) details that would go against the vintage photo style, to soften up the photo and give it just a little blur which will add to the old photo effect I have several different apps, but here I used the BigLens app. It has a great settings:
Basic mode to work with template mask or Advanced mode to manually define your Focus area. You can roughly define your Focus area using the Brush, Eraser or Lasso or using the advanced option, use Auto to autofocus the target.  Also you can apply effects (Adjust Aperture to increase the background blur, Filter Effects to apply special tones and atmospheres and Special Lenses to change out-of-focus light points into blurred shapes, add instant Focus and Blur to fine-tune your target area.) Note, that you can choose shared Image size using settings! (be sure, selecting Full size;)

I created two images, using different settings 




3) As well as in the previous step I process my two images using the Strut Type app. that emulates the effects of turn-of-the-century Strut folding camera. Strut Type also renders authentic Edwardian-era portraiture and landscape shots. You can also recreate images with the look of the first dry-plate photography that emerged from 1875 to 1920.

I must say, pretty good app… though it has some bugs … while saving your picture with high resolution, it crashes (very annoying!) :/



4) Further into the processing, I choose different ways for each of these images:
a) Open Iris Photo Suite app. and play around with it a bit until you get the look you are going for.


Here is my result:





b) Go to the Blender app. and merge with texture, which has a vintage – oldie look, using the application settings





…result of merging 




…finally, to complete my  work I use ScratchCam app, …chosen the app settings for my taste

So, here is my result:



That’s all! Just try making your photo looks old and vintage.










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