Using Jazz To create a painterly still life

In this tutorial, you will see how I used Jazz to create a painterly still life from an "ordinary object" – a wooden ball. The only required app for this tutorial is Jazz.

The Original



To start, I create a basic still-life of a wooden ball in a basket. I kept everything simple and neutral as I knew I wanted to focus on the ball. (I used my iphone’s camera app.)


Before moving to Jazz, I took a look at the image using PS Express and cropped it a bit to give me a starting point. You can do the same thing in Jazz, but I like use PS Express for quick edits like this.


I opened Jazz and picked my image from Camera Roll. When you first open an image in Jazz, you are given a foursome of images where Jazz has applied random effects. As this tutorial is not about how to use this feature but setting your own effects….I picked the image in the bottom right corner as it closest matched the original.



Once you click on an image, Jazz gives you a screen showing all the effects available to you. You’ll need to turn them all off by going down the list and moving the slider to the left. I did that before this step figuring you didn’t need to see a screen shot of that.

I first chose "Film Treatment" picking Type #5, Amount 53%.


Next, a little adjustment to "Exposure". Here I settled on -3.


A little "Sepia" to warm up the feel. As you can see on the screen shot, I picked 66%.


Time to soften things up! Using "Spot Focus", I used Amount: 71%, Radius: 27%, X Offset: 0, Y Offset: 18.


Stepping back for a moment to look at what I had so far, I decided to crop in a little tighter to bring the ball more into the "focus" of the composition.


Adding some "Vignette" to darken the edges…Amount: 88%, Radius: 59%.


Always room for "Dirt, Grunge & Schmutz"! Type #3 (Scratch), X Offset: 78, Y Offset: -66.


To finish it off….a "Border" is needed. I picked Type #4 (1959).

All done….Save to Camera Roll…and share!!!




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