Using iColorama To Create An Escher-like Abstract



I had captured the image of an iris blossoming in my garden using my iPhone4 camera app. Nothing fancy here. Saved to Camera Roll. I then opened this in iColorama.



Wanting to create an "art" feeling to this image, I started with the Style category and chose the "Sketch" filter. I set this at Intensity: 1.00 and Features: .90. I then clicked on the "Apply" button that’s in the top right corner. This allowed me to save this step in-app and continue to add effects.



Moving to the Effects catagory, pick the "Tiles" filter. For this image I went with a Feature of .39 (which gave me 4 tiles) and an Intensity of 1.00. Click on "Apply".



Staying in the Effects catagory, I used the "Sharpen" filter…Intensity: 1.00; Features: 1.00. Once again, click on "Apply".



Now comes the really fun part! Go to the Form category; pick the "Escher" filter. This is such a cool filter…you have to play around with it! When you’re done…set the Intensity at .82 and the Features at .35 to achieve the same "look" as I did. Click "Apply".



My image looked like this after the Escher step. Nice…but I wanted it cropped square. iColorama doesn’t seem to have a crop function, so I saved this to my Camera Roll. (If you know how to crop in iColorama, please let me know!)



Opening the image in PS Express, I did a quick square crop…and saved my final image!

iColorama is an app with a lot of depth to its controls and filters…and they have just put out an update that includes many more filters and presets since I created my image. I can’t wait to explore these as well!




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