Use Photoforge2 to create a rainy day

You will also need Photoforge2 and Filterstorm for this tutorial.

Follow this step by step Photoforge2 tutorial to create a moody, rainy day. We’ll create this rainy day effect and add mood to the photograph by adding some of Photoforge2’s well kept secrets: using wonderful textures and filters such as Pop! Cam WeiKhuen also shows us the range of filters available in the Pop! Cam filter.


(1) original image

(2) I open the original image in photoforge2 and duplicate the layer

(3) I select texture 09 to darken the sky

(4) I bring the image into Pop! Cam. Here are the settings

(5) I duplicate the image in step 4 and add texture to it

(6) I bring the image to Pop! Cam again and here are the settings

(8) I blend the image with step 4 and step 5. I save the image to the camera roll

(9) To make it more realistic, I add rain texture to it using photowizard

(10) Feeling the rain is too strong, I tone it down and straighten the image using filterstorm. The final image

Using this technique, I have created images with different moods using photoforge2




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