Use Camera+ & Touch Retouch to create this surreal image

Use Camera+ and Touch Retouch in this step-by-step tutorial which will show you how to improve lighting on an image, add a dynamic colour tone, remove unwanted elements from the background and finally add some texture in ScratchCam.

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My friend at work, Amy (of ‘Amy’s amazing footwear’ series) bought this amazing dress for her birthday and I just had to snap it. One of the dress layers was made of bright yellow netting which I thought would look fabulous in strong light and I was really pleased how flame-like the final result was…. so here’s how I made the final image, "Flamin’ Amy"….

In Camera+ apply the Clarity filter

Now choose the XPRO C-41 filter and Save.

In ScratchCam apply the filter shown below and Save.

Note:You may have to play around a little with this, you can adjust the strength and look of each setting using the slider on the top o the screen.

Crop the image using Camera+ or any other cropping app.

Finally, open the image in TouchRetouch. Remove the background elements using the cloning tool (highlighted with orange star shown below). 

Note: In retrospect I should have erased the background elements in the first part of the process which would have resulted in less messy retouching and more of the Scratch effect remaining.

The final result:



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