Use Camera+ to change a light photo to a dark, dramatic scene

Sometimes all it takes a couple of steps to dramatically change the look of a photograph. In this 3-step tutorial we’ll change a daylight photo into a dramatic, darker image using Camera+ and add a bit of grunge at the end using one of my favourite apps PicGrunger.

Here is the orig photo taken with Camera+Camera+ is a great alternative to using the native Apple camera because you can independently adjust focus and lighting. Alternatively you can just leave it on the default autofocus setting – it’s easy to switch between the settings.

In Camera+ use the Clarity setting to enhance colour and sharpen detail.


Still in Camera+, choose Effects, use the Fashion setting to add drama to the photo
which desaturates the colours and adds contrast. Save your image.


Finally, open your image in PicGrunger and apply the Scratch filter on
a fairly low setting as shown below.

The final image:



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