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img_7208_type-overby Nicki Fitz-Gerald

I’ve been playing around with Slow Shutter Cam on my everyday travels and I wanted to share this quick step tutorial with you on how to transform this Christmas scene snapped on the street in broad daylight to a lovely festive and more magical night time scene (above).


Now I that I have launched my online Mobile Artistry Tutorial course, expect to see more quick tutorial postings here on iPhoneography Central.

As some of  you will know, I am a big fan of the app Slow Shutter Cam. Many of my images start with a picture taken with this very app and the following quick-step tutorial is no exception.

If you like this quick-step tutorial, you might like my newly launched course which gives much more detail with hours of video footage revealing the process of shooting in Slow Shutter Cam and applying textures in apps like Leonardo & Mextures. (more info at the bottom of this page)


1. Initial shots taken with Slow Shutter Cam


Here are the first few shots I took with Slow Shutter Cam. I chose the top right image because of the relationship of the reindeer to the Christmas tree.

2. BlurFX


Next into BlurFx to blur some of the background

3. Retouch

I used TouchRetouch to remove some of the distracting details with the quick brush and the clone stamp to smooth out some of the background like the grey blob to the left edge and the red and black blobs to the right of the reindeer.


4. Stackables

I experimented with overlaying options from the Formulas category in Stackables:

Formula: Darkstone


Formula: Happiness


In the end, the formula I chose was Tintype:

I also brought the image into Snapseed to selectively darken the area behind the reindeer’s head to give the figure more definition.


5. Over

For the finishing touches I added text and other festive elements like the reindeer’s antlers, snowflakes and fir trees using the app Over.



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The course includes lots of “live” video footage and onscreen tutorials demonstrating my whole creative process from where to find inspiration in our everyday surroundings to in-depth editing using layers and masking to beautiful painterly slow shutter techniques.

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Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Co-author of The Art of iPhoneographyCentral. Founder of iPhoneographyCentral.com


    • Nicki Fitz-GeraldNicki Fitz-Gerald said:

      Sorry for late reply Geri. For this one I had the light trail setting on, although there are lots more ways to capture slow shutter scenes depending on what’s on the frame and the type of light (strong/weak). I go into this a lot more depth on my online course described above. Hope all is well with you Geri – miss your Art of Mob x

  1. Nicki Fitz-GeraldNicki Fitz-Gerald said:

    Thank you Patricia. I am delighted you are enjoying the course. Please let me know how it goes. If you post your new work on Facebook, Flickr or Instagram, please tag your work #AdventuresinCreativeMobileArtistry so I can see your work done off the back of the course. Look forward to seeing your Adventures in Creative Mobile Artistry, Best wishes, = Nicki =

  2. George Evans said:

    Thank you for sharing this tutorial of yours, it is very helpful and in a sense that I have a slow shutter cam. Its hard when you capture moving lights or things, glad that you shared more tips about this thing. Thank you!



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