The Raven


A little glimpse into the wonderfully, mysterious and poetic world of Carlein.

Carlein has been one of my favourite iphone artists for quite a while now;  producing consistently compelling images with a dark and edgy style. Here’s a little glimpse into her "real world" followed by a great tutorial on how to create her image: "Doubting,dreaming dreams no mortals ever dared to dream before."


My background is in abstract painting, specialized in mixed media. My second specialization is in photography. Analogue at first with the darkroom as "photoshop" and for the last five or six years now, exclusively in digital format. Digital photography in combination with Photoshop has been an eye opener to me, it has enabled me to build up my images as i had formerly done with my mixed media paintings.


I bought my iphone 3Gs in december 2009 and it never left my hands…  Easy to use, always there, inconspicuous and the wide variety of apps enable me to change according to circumstance or mood.

I mix images and I always use more than one app to rework my pictures.. it is a bit like my mixed media paintings: layer over layer over layer.

I keep a stock of "textures" on my iphone which I replenish ever so often when I see something I might use.

I call myself mockingly a "postconceptual iphonista".  I make pictures wherever I am and when I am home I start working with them. I hardly ever work with a concept before I go out making pictures. But when once back at base, I start to see combinations or possibilities, hence the "post" conceptual.


Tutorial (you will also need Filterstorm for this tutorial)

How to create "Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortals ever dared to dream before" (from Edgar Allan Poe, The Raven )


step 1 The actual picture, taken with Camera+

step 2: Dynamic light, the orton b/w 100 and shifting the lightfall with the light shift option

step 3: Using a shot of  a metal covering lid,  I shot in an hotel bathroom, to layer with the raven

step 4: Layering in DXP, filter set on overlay (I use mainly either overlay or multiply)


step 5: Photofx (tiffen) using dual grad.. adjusting a bit so the effect isn’t too strong

step 6: I love to work with text (always stocking up on those.. wherever i see something i like, i take a picture of it and keep a big stock of textures on my iphone for "you never know". this one is from a sign in the Japanese garden

step 7: I blended a piece of the text in Filterstorm with filters > add exposure and using the diameter/softness and opacity sliders to adjust the brush.






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