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Apps Uncovered – 16 August 2020

Apps Uncovered – 16 August 2020

Welcome to this week’s eclectic mix of images shot and edited with an iOS device, usually an iPhone or iPad or a mix of the two. As always, our photographers and artists featured below have been asked to include the apps they used and if possible the backstory that lead them to take create the

Blend images together to create this surreal image using Filterstorm & Snapseed

How to create this surreal image using Snapseed and FilterStorm. Nico Brons takes us, step-by-step of how he created this arresting image \”The Big Mouth\”. The images are all shot with his iPhone 3Gs and edited on the iPad.

Photoshop Touch vs. Laminar – which is better?

Photoshop Touch vs. Laminar–which is better? Bob Weil gives these high-powered layering apps, (great for texturing and layering) a thorough investigation concluding with an easy reference comparison chart revealing some of these apps best features.