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Apps Uncovered 30 December 2018 Leaning towards Tomorrow…

Apps Uncovered 30 December 2018 Leaning towards Tomorrow…

Selection by Stef LePape Recently a strange blue hue illuminated the NYC skyline. A friend of mine said her immediate thoughts found her back in class during the events of 9/11. A sudden, unexpected event that jarred her and her classmate through a days travel …hoping for a safe journey home. Thankfully , on Thursday

Apps Uncovered 9th December 2018 : Cellular Interventions

Selection by iPhoneographyCentral In 2007 I started using my dumb phone to take photos. They were reference photos for paintings or reminders of a location to once again return so as to take a proper photograph. Never would I have imagined I would utilize my phone as my main camera, paint , build collages, as

A visit into the wonderland of Oola Cristina

I was looking forward to featuring the art of Oola Cristina. (Her floral macros dance me fascinated with light movement and color.) SLP * Thank you so very much, Stef and iPhonography Central, for this opportunity to share some of what I’ve been up to over the last few years, a bit about my process