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Apps Uncovered 7 October 2018 Selective id

Apps Uncovered 7 October 2018 Selective id

Selection by Stef LePape Some of this weeks featured pieces spoke to me as subconscious expressions of ones id. Some, not so obvious, hint at it. Our lead image comes from IPC creator, Nicki Fitz-Gerald. I couldn’t resist highlighting the whimsical and delightful color composition. Her recent series on portraits is a continual demonstration of

Do you “Dislike” this streetphotography video? Calling iPhoneographers.

Hi guys, I need a bit of support here. Those of you who use your iPhone a lot will know how we mobile photographers are not always taken seriously even though we’ve been around now for a few years, winning major awards (in both mobile and regular photography competitions) featuring on front covers like “Time” magazine.