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Apps Uncovered 28th October 2018 Autumn

Apps Uncovered 28th October 2018 Autumn

Selection by Stef LePape One of my favorite seasons is Autumn. There’s a certain allowance for melancholy. With each leaf that descends it echoes awareness of our own passage in time. Its the season most likely to wax poetic thought. Summertime finds us exposed. Autumn… we wrap on, off, shelter from elements as fickle as a

Apps Uncovered 27 May 2018

Selection by Stef LePape Our leading photo comes from Kate Zari Roberts. The lighting felt as if it were a moment straight out of Maxfield Parrish own IPhone. This week, once more, demonstrates the diversity of mobile photography and art. Please be sure to take a look see at the following contributors galleries: Kate Zari