Supermarket Trolleys

1. The original image is a snapshot I took with ProCamera.

2. I added 100% gaussian blur on everything except the man and the shopping carts in BlurFX.


3.Then I opened the image in Iris and set the layer as base. 4.After that I opened an image of a streaky concrete wall that I’ve taken and blended it with the base layer using the blend mode multiply.

5.After blending the two images together in Iris (previous step) the image looked a bit dark, so, still in Iris, I used the histograpm feature to make it a little lighter. 6.The last app I used was PhotoFX where I used Auto Levels to brighten up the image and to get more contrast.



7.Then I added my favourite PhotoFX film filter Bleach Bypass. 8.Finally, to frame the image, I added a soft vignette using the Black Circle filter. Done!



And finally, the result…

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