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Here’s what people are saying about Bob Weil’s stunning iPhone Artistry Course

Shirli E.

“I am learning so much from your course. I came from the background of traditional photography and shot with film, developed it and did my own printing – so this is a great adventure for me. I am also going back thru my best negatives, scanning them and using apps to make them what I felt when I took the photo.”

Carolyn Hall Young

“Bob is a master teacher.”

“The class is phenomenal. Your work is truly inspiring me – thank you! :)”


Sherri Brannon

“I’m currently taking Bob Weil’s online iPhoneography class, and it is so fantastic. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take their iPhone photos to the next level. I am learning so much…the content is wonderfully detailed and you have access forever. Because of the class, I’ve been much more artsy with my photos this past week…it really gets the creative side of my brain going. Bob Weil’s teachings have my wheels spinning with possibilities!”


Teresita Alonso Garit, developer of the iOS app iColorama

“Amazing process and workflow … love your images!”


Nate Park, Co-Founder iPhoneArt.com & The LA Mobile Arts Festival

“I got to know Bob Weil in 2012, where he played a vital role in the success of the LA Mobile Arts Festival — to this day the largest collection of iPhone art to be exhibited in the world. Bob’s fascinating training sessions at the Festival and presentation at the Apple Store were extremely well done. He had a way of communicating concepts and ideas so that they are easy to follow and understand for the novice, while also taking time to dive deep into advanced features that challenged the professional artists present. Those who attended the sessions walked away with tremendous value and felt empowered to take their own creative vision to a higher level. Bob made our event something very special in a way that many people will remember for a long time.”


Today we are so lucky!! I haven’t posted much lately but this opportunity to learn from one of the most talented iPhoneographers out there is just too good not to share!


Our own Bob Weil has launched a fantastic comprehensive Photo Artistry Training course sharing his in-depth techniques on how to compose and edit the most amazing images on an iPhone, iPad or tablet. Regular readers and contributors to this site will know the brilliant images that Bob produces and his meticulous attention to detail. I have been lucky enough to get a sneaky peek at the courses and true to Bob’s style he does not cut any corners when it comes to sharing the details behind his creativity – and of course it’s all delivered in his concise manner and relaxed style which makes learning fun and easy!


I thought I’d learned all I could from Bob, but this guy keeps coming up with new and inventive ways to really create amazing art – all on an iPhone!! Bob always goes the extra mile when it comes to sharing his techniques and this course is no exception. The value is really quite incredible.

Here’s what you get:

• 5 Extensive Videos on Photo Artistry Fundamentals.

• 2 Substantial Essays on Shooting Great Images and Making Them Look Fantastic.

• 2 Essays on Configuring Your iPad Like a Pro and Handling All Your Images and Content.

• 4 Photo-Collage / Compositing Lessons (16 total videos).

• 3 Landscape Artistry Lessons (9 total videos).

• 3 Artistic Portraiture Lessons (10 total videos).

• 1 Huge “Master App List” with the descriptions and links to ALL the best apps.

Plus 24 Bonus Pro-Designed Textures (and a Bonus Training Video) by DistressedFX.

Plus another 24 Bonus Pro-Designed Textures by 2 Lil Owls Studio.

I’ve been blown away (but knowing Bob – not surprised) by the amount of work he has put into this course; sharing step by step how to create create fantastic layered photo art compositions, which not only take you from the basics of creating great photos but then how to edit them into striking artistic images, also showing you how to combine multiple images (as well as textures and graphic elements and typography) to create rich, intricate works of art — works you could immediately print to canvas and display.

We are so thrilled to have this available at last! – Bob has an exclusive offer for us at iPhoneographyCentral so please click here to get started straight away. I think this course is the best resource ever created on iPhoneography.

You can get started right away at:


Without question, I think you are going to find this course to be the best resource ever created on iPhoneography. And you will find it invaluable whether you are a beginner or an old hat like me.

I hope you enjoy the course as much I as I am!

Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Here’s what people are already saying  about Bob’s course:

“A commitment to ongoing learning and inspiration fuels growth. There is always something more to learn, and Bob is a master teacher. I bought the book too, it is terrific. I loaned it to a friend, and she had to get a copy for herself.”

 Carolyn Hall Young

“My first impression: I’m blown away with the creativity and imagination witnessed in the workflow shown and explained in the videos I’ve seen so far.”

The Netherlands

“I signed up yesterday. This sounds like an exciting opportunity; I have Bob and Nicki’s book and enjoy its content immensely. I really like experimenting with different apps and styles, so having a chance to see them used in an online course will be terrific.”


“The tutorials are great – I usually find app tutorials very hard to follow, too short, too quick and often times with no narration. Bob’s tutorials are fabulous, most are around 10 minutes, some more, some a bit less with several apps featured in each one. I don’t quite understand something I can just rewind then replay till it finally sinks in.

After watching the videos over the last 2 days I’m finally getting the hang of Superimpose. So many parts of that app just confused the heck out of me but with Bob’s wonderful tutorials the penny is slowly dropping (senior brain). It is such a wonderful course with so much useful information. Even though I have been doing iphoneography for about 2 years I still consider myself a beginner, so it’s perfect for me.”


“Amazing process and workflow…love your images!”

– Teresita Alonso Garit, developer of the app iColorama

“Bob, thanks for your insight on how you think and create. I found it very interesting and inspiring”

Irene Oleksiuk, iPhone artist

“Very inspiring video! Wonderful how you’ve taken such normal, mundane elements and turned them into something quite profound. Great pre-conceptualization at work here. Thank you for sharing your process!”

– David Ingraham, award-winning street photographer

“Fantastic work and great insight into the connections you make. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful world.”

– Butterflyblue

“Thanks for letting us in your head. Very cool video.”

Rad Drew, award-winning iPhone photographer

“You possess the mind of an artist in the truest sense of the word, Bob. Thank you for sharing your thoughtful process and brilliant work. Amazing!”

-Christine Sirois, award-winning iPhone artist



Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Co-author of The Art of iPhoneographyCentral. Founder of iPhoneographyCentral.com



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