Step into the light

When I noticed this opportunity for a photograph, I desperately wanted to get the image of the figure in the middle of the walkway, I tried many shots to time it so she was central and without any other people in the way but it was difficult because people were moving quickly, and as we know we can’t just go over and ask people to move out the way (and to move their buggy for me! ha) so I was so grateful to Retouch for being able to help me to recreate the vision I had which I hadn’t been lucky enough to capture completely with the original image, such great tools!

Step 1 – just started with a little crop in Photoshop Express, I always use that app for cropping/straightening as I’m never really sure where I am going after then with the images, and my own process always starts with asking myself ‘does it need cropping/straightening?’ and then next ‘what do I need to remove?’ … hence then visiting Touch Retouch after 🙂

Step 2 There were a few people and a buggy blocking the walkway and wanted to open this out as much as possible, so removed a lot of this with Touch Retouch, I just used erase, I wasn’t sure of what mess it would leave behind erasing such a big chunk, in hindsight I may have benefited more going straight to cloning for this.


Step 3 – showing the mess I mentioned, I then used clone in Touch Retouch to tidy up (below left), creating a white area around the figure and also putting back the walled area, this was a little wobbly but knew I would probably go to BlurFX afterwards so wasn’t so worried about exact straight lines.


Step 4 – I noticed a monitor on the ceiling with a light streak which may have shown up too much after the blur so decided to play it safe and take it out anyway before it was too late!


Step 5 – applying the BlurFX and screen shots of the areas I brought out.



And the result of blurring…

Step 6 –  Iris Photo Suite-> Texture> Metal applied at 88%


Step 7 – Iris Photo Suite> Mask, to bring out the flags, I haven’t used masking much in Iris and really surprised how it automatically blends the areas afterwards to make it seem more natural

Step 8 – I thought at this stage it was done then noticed a distracting pink stain on the Blue flag so decided to go back to Touch Retouch to clone the blue over the stain.

Then finished 🙂