Spotlight on Mark Walton: Not so Accidental Art.

Mark Walton is not a name circulated within the mobile art community. I would say its because his focus is on much more then the tool he is using. Browsing through his work it proved quite challenging to present a limited selection of his photography. I found myself taking in by his prolific attention to details, composition and mood. With hyper awareness to his surroundings his -accidental art- is painted with the quick aperture of his eye.
(Similar abstractions, were they met on canvas would require a hefty investment of time and resources. Mark Walton is obviously a thrifty artist)
Viewers of his work are privy to a contemporary photographer worthy of attention.
I’ve opted to focus on the following pieces based on what I would frame and hang on my walls. As my POV is subjective, do visit his Flickr account or @N5_mark his tag on IG.
His profile on IG states he is a photographer of random things and places. He is much more then that.

Mark Walton shoots straight out of the native camera tweaking where necessary.

Bond St


Dalston Lane



Hackney Wick


Holland Park


Corsica St