Spotlight on: Jamie Heiden

I have long been a fan of the serene world Jamie Heiden creates.
When it came to my knowledge she uses her mobile device as a sketch book I knew I had to cast a spotlight on her work.

Following the links to Jamie Heiden Photography is indeed … finding a little fairy tale everyday.

Enjoy these teasers of her work.


LRD...(little red dress)

Little Red Dress * Jamie Heiden


Apps used – Union and Snapseed


Live a Little

Live a Little * Jamie Heiden


Apps used – Distressedfx, Union, Repix and Snapseed


To Infinity and Beyond...

To Infinity and Beyond * Jamie Heiden


Apps used – Distressedfx, Alien Sky, Union and Snapseed


February To-do

February To-Do * Jamie Heiden


Apps used – Stackables, Mextures, Distressedfx, Union and Snapseed





I use my iPhone 8Plus and a variety of apps to play with images and ideas. I like to say it’s my virtual sketch pad and I use it much like a painter would. Although, my workflow is very different from the photography edits that I do on my desktop computer. My inspirations however, remain the same… simplicity and story.

Simply put, art is a language. Whether it comes in the form of words on a page or paint strokes on paper or notes in the air or movements on the stage or any number of other ‘dialects’, it speaks directly to us. And it allows us to tell our stories and hear other’s. It is not only a language I understand, I need to speak it daily.

I almost always begin by opening an image in Snapseed where I crop and adjust any basics like color and brightness and contrast. Then, depending on the image I will add some of my own sky within Union or maybe I’ll go straight to another app. Some of my favorites are Stackables, Mextures and Distressedfx. There are so many apps out there it can be a bit overwhelming so I usually stick to these few. Occasionally the image forms while I play, other times I have an idea of how I want it to look ahead of even opening anything on my iPhone. I admire artists who do more compositing but I am a photographer at the core and really do get a great deal of satisfaction clicking that “shutter” so I rarely add anything to my images that I didn’t capture myself.

I really do hope that when someone looks at one of my pictures a story begins in their mind. I hope that they are able to see more than just that lonely tree or simple horizon. Hopefully they see themselves there within.








Thank you Jamie for allowing us to grace these pages with your imagery.



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