Why I love ProCamera

by Nicki Fitz-Gerald


I bought ProCamera partly because I’d read great reviews and noticed other great iphoneographers were using the camera app but what got me hooked on this app was the flexibility it gave me with exposure and focus control (which also amazingly applies to the video function). You can easily create a narrow depth of field (a popular photography technique), for example where you might want the foreground of the photograph in sharp focus and the background blurred (“Spring Flowers” below).The app also saves at full resolution, an important deciding factor when making an app purchase. 

 There are also hidden depths to this app although, you could be forgiven for missing them as they are tucked away under a Menu header “PRO” then “SETTINGS” in the bottom left-hand of the screen. Here ProCamera boasts a whole editing suite for applying a whole array of photo-editing tools and filters. What I particularly like about the ProLab option is that you can watch the effects, including contrast, brightness and saturation of adjusting 6 options at the same time. I don’t recall seeing this on any other photography editing app.

Some of you may have seen the first tutorial I made for iPhoneographyCentral, “Spring Flowers” (below). This was taken using ProCamera and is a great example of what I love about this app, the ability to control exposure and focus independently. I also created a nice softer background to emphasise the shape of the flower by using ProCamera’s focussing tool on the edges of one of the petals.

So far, I have covered the main reasons why ProCamera has been top of my app list for a while but this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are a plethora of features covering white balance, anti-shake, self-timer, rapid-fire burst, power-zooming and full-screen trigger and of course ProCamera has recently updated to version 3.1.1. For full feature details of what ProCamera has to offer see the spec chart below or visit .



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