Perspective Correct: How to correct distortion on a photo by Misho Baranovic


Perspective Correct: How to fix perspective in an urban landscape. 



Here is a step by step tutorial on how to use the new Perspective Correct app for iPhone. Perspective Correct has been developed to fix horizontal and vertical perspective distortion in your photos.  

Step 1 – Download the app Perspective Correct


First I’ve downloaded and opened  Perspective Correct.  The main capture screen is shown below. Perspective Correct automatically adjusts focus and exposure when shooting. For advanced control you can independently control the focus and exposure by pressing on the top- right icon. 
Step 2 – Import a distorted photo
First of all, I load a distorted photo from my camera roll. Clicking on the Camera Roll icon opens up the photo thumbnail view.  I’ve selected this photo taken in inner city Sydney. The angles in the photo are not straight, with the building on both sides leaning towards the middle of the frame. 
 Step 3 – Adjust the perspective using the grid
Swiping up/down adjusts the vertical plane of the photograph.  In the example below, I’ve swiped downwards to straighten the vertical lines on the buildings, using the gridlines for reference.  
The photo looks better but there is still visible distortion on the windows to the right of the screen.   To fix this,  I make a small horizontal adjustment by swiping left to right on the screen.  This helps line up the windows with the gridlines. Now both the horizontal and vertical lines are aligned.  
Step 5 – Crop and automatically reposition image to fit frame
Clicking on the centre button (right) confirms the edit. This brings up the crop screen shown below


Double tapping the screen automatically fits the photo to the 4:3 frame – a green confirmation rectangle appears when all the empty background has been removed.  
You can pinch to zoom to resize and swipe to reposition the photo within the frame. Clicking on the centre crop button gives you the preview of the final adjusted photo.
From the preview screen you can click on the centre button (the floppy disk) to save the photo to the Camera Roll.  You can return back to the crop screen by clicking on the top-right crop icon.  
Here is the before and after:
Perspective Correct is available for iPhone on the Apple App Store for US $1.99. 




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