Pattern, repetition & texture, Apps Uncovered 8 March 2015

Selected by Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Welcome to the Apps Uncovered, the longest running weekly iPhone art and photography gallery, a centre for excellence amongst iPhone photography and image creators. Apps uncovered is a resource to learn from others by sharing the backstories and Apps used behind each image.

Seeking out pattern, repetition and texture in life can be used to really strengthen and create impactful images. Each of this week’s images features one or all of these, sometimes the presence is overt, as can be seen in our lead image, <the crowd> by Alejandro Cendan Rodriguez; the strong orange and yellow patterns supply the perfect backdrop for the contrasting, dark foreground subjects. The repetition of the strong, brightly coloured, vertical shapes keep our eye moving across the scene with the smaller details like the text and graphic elements, keep our eyes interested in the image. Also notice the leading lines on the ceiling, drawing us into the photo. In Sheldon Serkin’s “Drive”, notice how the repeating window perspective lines of the backdrop buildings lead towards the centre of the image where the front of the car is about to drive through, leading us to that moment as the car speeds through the frame. The sharp texture detail of the splash drips serves to punctuate this image. I urge you to take time to look through this week’s selection and consider how texture, repetition and pattern play a part (albeit small or big) in each and of course as always, if you are interested in any of the artists work, please click on an image to take you to their Flickr stream.


< the crowd > by Alejandro Cendan Rodriguez


Apps used: This photo was taken with my iPhone 6 and I used the Hipstamatic app and no additional retouching as all my photos.
Backstory: I like street photography and I always make time to go out to take photos and then I don’t read, see and study the work of the other photographers, lol. This photo was taken in Montreal, Canada where I currently live in a metro station called “Place des Arts” where an event was presented at the time and in which there was a great multitude of people from where the title of the image came from”the crowd”. It was at that moment [the subjects emerged] in front of a big screen and I was struck by the colors and so many people going at the same time and [in my work] I like to work the lights and shadows, and [it quickly] came to my mind to take[these] amazing silhouettes, I [just kept shooting and got the result I wanted].


Looking for Michelangelo Merisi by Marzia Bellini


Apps used: I have taken this candid shot keeping it a bit underexposed, using the stock camera app of my iPhone (5s, at the time). First I’ve processed it using Photoshop Express: added a bit of exposure, lowered more the shadows and heightened a bit the highlights, to enhance even more the effect. Then I processed it in VSCO choosing the A9 presets which doesn’t change the tint but adds a more subtle fading look which also helps masking a bit the noise.
Backstory: As the title suggest, I wanted to achieve a “Caravaggio”-like effect, exploiting the only source of light of the room: the window (Caravaggio never painted the source of light, so it’s a bit of a departure from the original).



art work by Ligyung by hanakai2001


Apps used: hipstamatic snapseed superimpose AfterLight PhotoPower Pixr SKRWT HandyPhoto
Backstory: This whole space is Ligyung’s art work titled ‘serpent’s kiss’. When I first visited here, it was night. I took some pictures, but I couldn’t satisfied with the results. So I went here again in noon. It has greatly amazing reflection compared with before! Taking this art work is permitted, then some visitors were taking pictures. She was also taking these square cushions. I was more interested in her reflection than herself. If I title this again, it’s ‘virtual reality’.


Image title: the height of the ridiculous by Michael Kistler

Apps used: I processed the image in Snapseed and cropped it in Instagram.
Backstory: I shot the image at Wah Fu public housing estate in Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong. In order the get the lines of the building as straight as possible, I went up to the top floor and shot this section from the other side. My main objective was to convey a sense or urban density.



Milchladen an der Ecke by Em Kachouro


Apps used: I cropped the image with Snapseed and increased the brightness. Then I corrected the perspective with Procreate (I did this step with my iPad to get a more precise result). Finally I added a vignette effect with Instagram.”

Backstory: “The title in English is: “Dairy Shop on the corner of the street”. I have my iPhone always with me. Motives for interesting pictures are everywhere: We were just walking the dog, when I noticed the house facade of the abandoned dairy shop. I like the patchy pattern of the wall tiles, and I also like the calming colour palette with the irregularities.


red pearls

red pearls by Chris


Apps used: For this image I used some of the filters available on Instagram.
Backstory: I happened to be making dinner and slicing some of these red pearl onions. The unique shapes, patterns and colors caught my eye.



Untitled by Louise Whiting


Apps used: Self portrait taken with the native iPhone 6+ camera. I edited this image using CamerBag, Superimpose and Snapseed.



The end of the affair by Brendan Ó Sé

Apps used:I used the native camera app and did a little processing on Snapseed later.
Backstory:This is an image you dream about. Everything just lines up for you. The mannequins flanking the girl in the centre who is concealing herself with her hair as she checks her phone, and the crop allowing you to get the word ‘frame’ into the frame. I got this shot on the main street in Cork, Ireland. 


Drive by Sheldon Serkin


Apps used: Lowy/Blanko Freedom for the foreground and Loftus/Blank Freedom [and Juxtaposer] for the back – to complete the final image.
Backstory: Drive” was shot on a rare warm winter’s day in Manhattan. I intended to capture a yellow cab driving behind the steam and was taken by surprise when one sped right by me, splashing me the instant after I managed to grab a shot. The image was shot with oggl on an iPhone 5s. I combined two lens/film combos in juxtaposer –



In the Middle of a Leap of Faith by Jeffrey


Backstory: Ironically, it was nearly not published. When I started the Rebecca series, it was just a few processed photos. Then I realized I wanted to tell a story via a series of photos which meant all the photos would feature the same person. The viewers interpretation of the photo along with the title would drive the story.

At that point the series was really just blended and processed portraits, so it was time to move away from that. The original idea was a high contrast black and white where she would be looking down over a busy hi-way with a cityscape as the background. It did not turn out that way.

The original photo is Rebecca preparing to dive. I liked the anticipatory stance, the look of that moment just before you make the decision to dive.

I really didn’t want to sexualize her so I processed it and processed it. Leap of faith was one of the first iterations. It didn’t speak to me at that time so I reprocessed it into 10 different iterations. Out of those I chose two, Leap of Faith being one of them, but because the prominence of the bikini still bothered me I chose to publish the other which is ITMO Looking Down on Creation. It’s number 5. Leap of Faith ended up with twice the views of Looking Down on Creation.

As the story progressed, I kept thinking back this one. Suddenly it spoke to me that, bikini or not, the photo was about this person taking a leap of faith. So it became number 12 in the series and the second most viewed. I never know what will catch the attention of people.

Apps used: Photowizard-editor, filtermania2, mextures

First, I ran it through filtermania2. I don’t remember the filter for this one (something with a road), but it didn’t quite work.

I pulled it into photowizard-editor masking out everything but Rebecca and the diving board then applied a gaussian blur. Put it through filtermania2 again. Still not quite right, but the foundation was there. The foundation being that two toned solid background but with lighter colors. Rebecca in her bikini was still very prominent. More prominent now that everything else was blurred out. I ran it through Mextures trying to de-emphisize the girl in a bikini aspect of it and find the right color tone. I finally found a mextures formula I liked. The gray is a metaphor for uncertainty or ambiguity. Finally, it was done.



shadow by jun yamaguchi


Apps used: iPod touch’s camera / camera plus+dxp+scratchcam fx
Backstory: I liked the perspective of a dark hallway in a big station much and was about to take a photo of it. then a man suddenly had crossed right in front of me, i pressed the shutter. i actually was angry with the man a little bit but the photo was nicely done.


Into The Woods - iPhone Photography and Processing

Into the Woods by Angie Johnson
As she turns each page, there is a certain transformation that begins. The solid floor under her bare feet become warmed by the forest’s underbelly. The calm air in the room swirls to a gentle breeze that carries birds into the night. The grasses dance and the trees listen. She is halfway in.

Apps Used: Timer Camera (to get the self-portrait shot)
Diana (this is a new one for me, and I’m loving it)
Image Blender (to add trees and grasses)

Backstory: We went to a vintage store yesterday. While looking at some clothing, I stumbled across an adorable, black petticoat. This is big news for a girl like me intoxicated with unique photography props, smiling.
It was with much excitement today that I gathered it in my arms (it’s sizable, in the most polite form) and dashed downstairs to my makeshift studio. Then nearly immediately dashed back up the stairs to gather the camera. In all the excitement of the petticoat, I had forgotten it.
Though I intended the focus of this image to be the petticoat, the photograph embarked on an alternate journey. A book joined the frame and from there a forest thickened.
This is a prime example of how the creative world of photography takes me to places I had no intention of going, but I never tire of the surprise. On this day, I coalesced into the woods.
I feel sure the petticoat will make an appearance, in the near future. Smiling, again.

Apps used: To edit I used Snapseed, VSCOcam and Lightroom.
In Snapseed I cropped then blurred the edges using the ‘Tilt-Shift’ menu. Then proceeded into VSCOcam to change the tones to black and white, plus I enhanced the skin tones.
Finally in Lightroom I love the menu under the Details’ tab called ‘Noise Reduction 1.’ It is a powerful editing tool, especially for portraits. In fact Lightroom is great addition to the desktop version.


Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 08.30.01

Starlings by Guy Reynolds


Apps used: Standard iPhone 4 square shot, auto-enhanced, saved and pulled into Camera +, NOIR filter and brightened, saved and pulled into ShakeItPhoto for the Fauxlaroid border.
Backstory: The birds were right in front of my car in a grocery parking lot and allowed me to get within 8-10 feet before they took off. I was able to make 6 frames from a low angle to get separation against the blank sky instead of the apartments beyond. I was hoping to get one taking flight but no luck with that.



Untitled by Monika Proć


Apps used: Snapseed, Skrwt , VSCO
Camera: iPhone 6
Backstory: I took this photo in Sopot, Poland. It was foggy morning. It was a good moment for shoot because fog was very thick and visible.


Japanese plum blossom UME

Japanese plum blossom UME by Archiphone


Apps used: I used that iPhone photo taken with Macro lens “Gizmon” and use Manual focus in “Moment App”.
I used effect app “VSCO”. Now in Japan, Plum flowers and cherry blossoms will be out bloom.it will result in a pleasant season very warm.



post zamboni by Julia Nathanson


Apps used: Shot and edited with Oggl (lens: Salvador84, film: W40)
Backstory: People wait, mesmerized while the zamboni resurfaces the local skating rink. As soon as it’s done, skaters lurch eagerly back onto the ice. This photo was taken at that moment. The Salvador84 lens creates a mirror image of the existing reflection in the ice.


Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 08.42.11

Kindred Spirits by Paula Gardner


Apps used: To edit I used Snapseed, VSCOcam and Lightroom.
In Snapseed I cropped then blurred the edges using the ‘Tilt-Shift’ menu. Then proceeded into VSCOcam to change the tones to black and white, plus I enhanced the skin tones.
Finally in Lightroom, I love the menu under the Details’ tab called ‘Noise Reduction 1.’ It is a powerful editing tool, especially for portraits. In fact Lightroom is great addition to the desktop version.
Backstory: This was one of the moments when brother and sister can not stop making each other laugh. While mum is trying her hardest to get them to lay still for an impromptu photo session. However it’s seems their method of posing worked out the best. I feel capturing candid moments of my children create the best pictures.



Nicki Fitz-Gerald

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