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OUT NOW Painting with Light

After 10+ years of shooting Long Exposure on an iPhone, I’ve finally gathered all the best bits to share the incredible magic of shooting with this expressive technique, unique to smartphone photography – The new course “Painting with Light” launches today Thurs 3 June.

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Painting with Light – brand new course for 2021.

Armchair Art Adventures –
for mobile artists and illustrators

I am very excited to announce that my brand new mobile art course Armchair Art Adventures is now available. Simply click on the image above to find out more about this brand new mobile artistry adventure for 2020!

New iPhone and iPad photo art classes coming soon in June 2020.

Online Courses

Welcome to the online course directory which I’ll be adding to as new courses are launched!
You can enjoy each course for at least 2 months and get your money back if you’re not satisfied so come on over and take a look by clicking on any of “START NOW” buttons at the end of each listing.

iColorama Creative PLUS

with Nicki Fitz-Gerald & Susan Tuttle

Course description:
iColorama Creative PLUS is my second collaboration with super talented photo artist and multi-published author Susan Tuttle.

Here’s what’s covered in our course:

  • Sign up today and you’ll get instant lifetime access to  . . .
    • 13 substantial multi-video tutorials (over 58 brand new videos in all!), each built upon an exciting artistic piece and enhanced with a variety of extensions and projects … and throughout exploring dozens of new techniques and approaches to creating art with iColorama.
    • A slick bonus tutorial by Nicki Fitz-Gerald covering a whole other category of collage techniques and typography in iColorama.
    • A very cool bonus tutorial by Susan Tuttle in which she shares her three favorite approaches to crafting elegant monochrome images in iColorama.
    • An awesome bonus “Urban Brush” library crafted by Nicki Fitz-Gerald expressly for this course! (Plus a special 20-minute bonus video showing you how to add them to your iColorama library and then put them to use.)
    • And to go along with the brushes, an equally awesome bonus “Urban Background” library you’ll be able to use as a leaping-off point in crafting exciting compositions of your own.
    • Access to the Private iColorama Creative Facebook Group, where you’ll be able to share your work, ask questions, enjoy feedback from Susan and Nicki, and drop in anytime you might wish to get inspired!  (You’ll also get a chance to take part in a series of “Weekend Challenges” throughout 2019, where you’ll even be able to collaborate with other iColorama artists around the world!)

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Adventures in Creative Mobile Artistry
with Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Online Course

Course description:
Adventures in Creative Mobile Artistry is for anyone who wants to really stretch their creativity using the iPhone. I really think it is very different from other courses on mobile photography and artistry because I have included a lot of video demonstrations of how the development of the ideas and techniques evolve. I think it’s a nice mix of creative inspiration, practical techniques and execution of a final piece of work leaning strongly toward the more painterly, abstract and collage style of iPhone imagery so, lots of advanced info about blending layers, masking and compositing etc. Basically, a lot of the skills I’ve learned through years of working with Photoshop transferred to iPhone apps.”

Here’s what’s covered in the course:

  • Seeing the process of creating artworks as a journey of discovery with an emphasis on playfulness, experimentation and spontaneity 
  • Explore meaning and personal expression using themes to keep focussed
  • Painting with light: Using the camera with apps like Slow Shutter Cam to create beautiful impressionistic style painterly street scenes that evoke a strong mood and emotion
  • Learn advanced photo editing techniques like layering, masking, blending, recolouring techniques from a professional graphic artist with 20 years of photoshop experience
  • Discover how to create your own textures, inky brush marks and custom text and masterfully blend them with your own photos 
  • Learning how to see: Show you how to find inspiration in the most ordinary places.
  • How to use colour, texture, line and form as a visual language

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iColorama Creative
with Nicki Fitz-Gerald & Susan Tuttle

iColorama & MetaBrush Mash Up

Course description:
iColorama Creative is a course for everyone who loves creating art or would like to start creating art on
an iPhone or iPad. My fellow artist, photographer and several times author Susan Tuttle and I have been working on a series of tutorials using the incredible app iColorama, a course that not only gives you a thorough understanding of how to practically utilise the generous library of effects and tools in this app, but importantly, show you how to evolve your own unique creative style. If you are drawn to the more painterly styles of art, you can try out the painterly exercises and tutorials to really get to grips with iColorama’s incredible brushes to master your brush work or perhaps you’ve always wanted to create beautiful, rich textural collages using elements from different photos, then you’ll love the more advanced blending techniques. If all this sounds like the kind of work you’d like to start creating then please head
on over to iColoramaCreative and join us! 

Nicki & Susan B&W


  1. Sebastian Antony said:

    The Armchair Art Adventures course was *phenomenal* for me, as I feel I got a good grasp of all the features of Procreate, an app I had been long intimidated with, in just a weekend!

    I also learned to appreciate fine points like how to use touch-retouch cloning, Snapseed selective, dodge and burn etc to refine the subtle *details* that make a work of art truly print worthy, instead of disappearing into the millions of photos uploaded to social media that are viewed only once by a handful of people.

    • Nicki Fitz-GeraldNicki Fitz-Gerald said:

      Delighted you are enjoying my new Mobile Art course Sebastian and have conquered your fear of Procreate and now discovering how brilliant it is for creating digital collage. Your work is amazing on the new Facebook group! Enjoy the rest of the course, if you haven’t finished it already! = Nicki =



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