New video “Organising your work for digital collage” for Armchair Art Adventures students

Armchair Art Adventure Students! I am just putting the finishing touches to my brand new video “Organising your work for digital Collage” which gives you an over-the-shoulder look at how I organise and manage my work for effective creation of digital collage.

Sorry, this took me so long….but I wanted to cover every aspect of how I manage my work which broke down into 8 videos resulting in over an hour’ s viewing time.

You’ll see how I created the photo resource collage library on my iPad and I cover all aspects of storing, accessing, labelling, filing and transferring images (and more) with the ultimate aim of optimising creativity on the fly; on my iPad and iPhone.

Organising my photos into categories on my iPad has really helped with creativity.

If you bought my digital collage course “Armchair Art Adventures” you’ll get this FREE video in November. If you’re interested in becoming a student and would like to find out more about the course and how to get hold of all the goodies, including this new video, Click Here.

The new video is the latest of six BONUS videos you get when signing up to the “Armchair Art Adventures” mobile art course.

All the BONUS videos are listed below with the latest (out Nov 2020) at the top.

Organising your work for Digital Collage is the latest of 6 Bonus videos
that you’ll get when you buy the Armchair Art Adventures course.

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