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Adventures in Creative Mobile Artistry is a series of online step-by-step mobile artistry tutorial course carefully crafted for those of us who love to create artistic images on our mobile phones. If you can’t wait and want to get a quick overview of what the course is about, please take a look at the short (less than 2 minutes) video below or if you just want to get started and take advantage of the introductory offer that comes bundled with goodies and bonus content, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Read what people are saying about the course…

Idieuwke, Holland:

“Congratulations on a fab course. I especially love the in depth lessons on textures and blending, and the brilliant use of BlurFX. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful techniques. I will certainly review the lessons many times as I continue to learn and develop my iPhoneography.”

Peter Brenton, US:

Your videos have saved me trawling through endless app reviews and searching for “how to …” guides, thank you Nicki.

Janet Broughton, Fine Art Photographer, UK:

“Bought your new course yesterday @iphoneographyC & loving it! Mind is spinning with ideas & possibilities!”

Lash LaRue, Retired law professor, US:

I have signed up, and I recommend it without reservation.

Siegfried Ferlin, Austria

“I am on lesson 7 now and with every single lesson I’m more and more excited  My favorite till now is the Slow Shutter lesson.”

Sherri Brannon, US

“I am LOVING this class. I’m on Lesson 4 and am learning so much. Highly recommended!”

Lynn Crow, Photographer, US “I am thrilled beyond measure about this course! Listening to your beautiful buttery voice is a joy!”

Liz Traynor, US “I’ve just signed up to your new course. Even after only 10 minutes of watching the first video, I have learnt something new and exciting. I have holidays coming up and I am so looking forward to spending time learning and practising your techniques. Thanks so much, Liz”

Elsa Brenner, US “So far I’m super impressed and learning so much my head is spinning. Niki you are such an artist with a cell phone❤️”

Davinia AlgeriReally enjoying your iPhoneography course Nicki, learning heaps and trying new things.”

Adventures in Creative Mobile Artistry with Nicki Fitz-Gerald from iPhoneographyCentral on Vimeo.

The creation of Adventures in Creative Mobile Artistry has been a complete labour of love over the past year and it’s creation lies very much at the heart of iPhoneographyCentral’s ethos, which is to share the love, learning and creativity of the mobile device, particularly on the iPhone and iPad.


“There’s something so special about being able shoot and edit so spontaneously.” Editing on the iPhone, Weymouth Esplanade


Back in 2009, when I first started to create art on my iPhone, I longed for a course like this which is part of why I founded iPhonegraphyCentral in April 2011 but no one had the experience then to create such a course.  Over the past 8 years of creating art on my iPhone and iPad, I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge and experience and in the hours of video on the course,  I share all the best techniques and wish-it-was-sunday-copyapps I’ve discovered. But it’s not just about techniques and apps; these are merely the tools. I also share my approach to creativity, ideas for inspiration for when the dreaded creative block hits and how to be open and responsive to the creative opportunities in everyday objects that surround us; seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary.


In Adventures in Creative Mobile Artistry, I’ll also be sharing the advance photo editing skills I’ve learned as a Graphic Designer and Digital Illustrator over the past 20 years using professional programmes like photoshop – and demonstrating these techniques on editing apps like Snapseed, Leonardo, Superimpose, Procreate and TouchRetouch on the iPhone and iPad.




“They told me you missed school today.”Digital collage by Nicki Fitz-Gerald

The course, which contains many hours of video, much of it filmed around my hometown of  Weymouth, in the UK , invites iPhoneographers; beginners and veterans to join me on a journey of discovery, inspiration and learning of artistic techniques that I have developed over the past few years of shooting, editing and selling my iPhone images, particularly the more abstract, painterly (what I call my painting with light work) and collage creations which are especially exciting to create on the iPhone. There’s something so special about being able shoot and edit so spontaneously. I think the very process can add real vigour and a sense of immediacy and energy to images.

Getting painterly results from Slow Shutter Cam


Shooting and editing techniques that I use in my work are also covered on the course, like how to get the best results from Slow Shutter Cam app and some deep dives into the wonderful texture and light filter app Mextures. Backstories are also shared and in each step-by-step video tutorial, I talk through the creative processes I use as to process my images explaining the creative decision making along the way.

“Honor thy mistake as a hidden intention.”

Adventures in Creative Mobile Artistry, although underpinned by a structured course of learning to arm you with a full set of creative techniques and tools is more about jumping in and exploring the possibilities and enjoying the surprises along the way – keeping an open mind and letting each new element in the image making process propel you in a new and exciting direction, but keeping in focus the essence of what it is you want to express.



I also NEVER use anyoone else’s images besides my own; every texture, object, subject in my artwork has been captured from my surroundings with my iPhone. The styles are impressionist, painterly, abstract, blur, motion, poetical, textured, edgey, grunge, expressive, with an emphasis on experimentation and a playful approach drawing from my immediate surroundings underpinned by a knowledge of basic design principles resulting in the creation of deeply personal and expressive works evoking strong mood and emotion.

Course Overview – what you will learn:

  • Seeing the process of creating artworks as a journey of discovery with an emphasis on playfulness, experimentation and spontaneity
  • Explore meaning and personal expression using themes to keep focussed
  • Painting with light: Using the camera to create beautiful impressionistic style painterly street scenes that evoke a strong mood and emotion
  • Learn advanced photo editing techniques like layering, masking, blending, recolouring techniques from a professional graphic artist with 20 years of photoshop experience
  • Discover how to create your own textures, inky brush marks and custom text and masterfully blend them with your own photos
  • Learning how to see: Show you how to find inspiration in the most ordinary places.
  • How to use colour, texture, line and form as a visual language
  • Your creative journey starts here.

Introductory offer – Tell me more:

There is a great introductory offer which includes:

  • HALF PRICE off the whole course
  • Great bonus content including videos on mastering blend modes, working with digital textures


  • Several hi-res texture packs, inlcuding lettering, textures, patterns from various artists


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Nicki Fitz-Gerald
Founder, iPhoneographyCentral.com


Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Co-author of The Art of iPhoneographyCentral. Founder of iPhoneographyCentral.com