New Creative Mobile Photography Course

Clips from my brand new Long Exposure Mobile Photography Course.

Hello fellow creatives!

Eureka!! – It’s finally here…..my chance to share with you the most incredibly exciting and creative way to shoot images with an iPhone.

Thank you for your patience! 

Light Trails at the fair is just one of the themes I cover in the new Painting with Light course.

As many of you who know me and follow my work will know that I absolutely love to shoot Long Exposure (also known as Slow Shutter) images on my iPhone.

Smartfotofest Gallery, Galway, Ireland.

I am totally in love with the incredible range of artistic styles that this particular technique offers and the artistic possibilities it opens up and have taught the subject to artists, photographers and journalists at workshops around the world including Los Angeles, London and Dublin.

Long Exposure Workshop on the streets of Ireland.
Image courtesy of Helen Kilbride.

– and that’s why, after 10 years of shooting artistic long exposures and folks asking me “How do you get those gorgeous painterly looks?” I created my brand new course “Painting with Light” so that you too can learn how to capture the magic and feel the excitement of watching those beautiful silky and expressive, magical light images unfold on your phone screen.

But of course, getting those spectacular images didn’t happen overnight. It’s taken me a long time to learn how to create the images that I make now.

Out on various locations; some video stills taken from my new course Painting with Light.

After many years of experimentation, I’ve learned a huge amount from my mistakes and slowly, after years of trying out different lighting, composition and shutter speeds with a wide variety of subjects and scenes, I’ve trained my eye to know exactly what to look for when it comes to seeking this type of shot and also how to make the most of the apps to exploit this technique’s full artistic potential.

You’ll learn all about Light Painting with your Mobile Phone on my new course:
Painting with Light.

…and I share with you all of this experience in my new course Painting with light – a collection of LIVE (on location) and studio (editing) videos that I guarantee will open up the creative possibilities of shooting long exposure images on a mobile phone.

Figures shot with Long Exposure app on iPhone.

When all of the “photography planets” are aligned like the composition, the light and the exposure time, watching those gorgeous painterly light pictures evolve LIVE on your smartphone screen is an experience like no other and I’ll show you plenty examples of this light magic in the LIVE videos throughout the course. 

You can watch the Live Demo of how I created this image with my iPhone in the new course Painting with Light.

Whether you want to create spectacular painterly light trails, people in motion, silky smooth waterfalls or stretch your creativity by combining these extraordinarily beautiful abstract and poetical images with other photos to make compelling artwork, this technique is bound to open your eyes to a completely new and magical way of seeing the world.  

Long Exposure Mobile Photograph, Portland, Dorset.

Painting with Light not only provides a thorough and practical instruction on how to master long exposure photography on a smartphone but gently teases you out of your familiar photographic comfort zone by encouraging you to tune in to your artistic sensibilities and inviting you to think about how the smartphone coupled with the Long Exposure apps provides us with an altogether different tool and a distinctly different experience from shooting with any other camera, opening up creative opportunities which simply cannot be ignored.

Slow Shutter image, Tenerife, Canary Islands.

I hope you’ll join me Painting with Light today for a new and unforgettable Mobile photography adventure!

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I hope to see you and your new images soon. You can post and get feedback on your work on the Facebook group here.

= Nicki =