New Book: Art with an iPhone!

Brief overview by Bob Weil

I just worked through Kat Sloma’s book Art with an iPhone – A Photographer’s Guide to Creating Altered Realities. It’s a fantastic book that you should seriously consider picking up, especially for those of you who like to produce landscapes and nature studies.

Across 60 short and pithy chapters, Kat shares a number of techniques – beginning with some more basic photographic concepts and skills (using the iPhone camera replacement ProCamera), and quickly moving on to more sophisticated image processing tips and tricks to create very warm and natural pieces of art.

I think it represents a great addition to your library of creative guides – and it’s very accessible because its focus is not on layering, but direct processing to change the color, tone and compositional balance of an image. Check it out! http://goo.gl/yrSq7D

File May 10, 8 09 12 PM You can see excerpts from the book on Amazon, and the book itself has gotten rave reviews, with 5.0 stars across 22+ ratings. I learned a number of new techniques that I’ll be employing on future images.

Bob Weil

Bob is the co-author of The Art of iPhone Photography (with Nicki Fitz-Gerald), published by Rocky Nook photography books and supports Nicki in managing iPhoneography Central and the associated Flickr group.