Multiple lens case for iPhone review – TurtleJacket PentaEye f-STD

TurtleJacket PentaEye f-STD

(For iPhone 5/5s only)
Review by Nicki Fitz-Gerald

If variety is the spice of life and in your photography life you love to experiment with different lenses, you will love the Turtle PentaEye f-STD. With this versatile lens you can easily capture a broad scene shot with the wide or fish-eye lens or quickly rotate the lens wheel to snap a tiny plant, flower or bug. There is also a tele-photo for getting up close.


TurtleJacket PentaEye f-STD

The Turtle PentaEye f-STD is a versatile case which holds 4 lenses simultaneously including a gap should you want you shoot without any of the lenses. By rotating the lens wheel you can choose any of the four lenses.
Attaching the lens case is easy and takes less than 30 seconds after a couple of practices. The case constitutes 2 parts (or 3 if you count the rotating dial, not normally removed) which are are shipped as one piece . Simply unscrew the bottom part, slide in your iPhone (taking care to remove your regular case), replace the bottom part by dialling the little wheel to screw tightly back in and you’re ready to shoot.

The attachment holding the lenses works on a spring mechanism. Simply grip the wheel containing the lenses, pull it out slightly and rotate to your chosen lens. Once selected, release your grip and your selected lens snaps firmly into place. Each lens come with a cover so the ones you’re not using are protected at all times.

What really makes this product great is the ability to switch lenses really easily and quickly. However, I did find it useful to mark each lens with a tiny colour coded sticker so I could identify it without having to read the tiny lettering inscribed on the rim of each one. The other slight drawback was that, initially, I found the weight of the case a little top-heavy and it took a little while to get used to holding it with the extra weight on one end. However, once that’s mastered you’re up and running in no time – you just need decide which lens you’re going to use first.

Here is a selection of some of the photos I took out and about around my local area including my back garden and Weymouth harbour in Dorset, UK. I used the TurtleJacket PentaEye f-STD created for the iPhone 5/5s.

Lens: Macro


5mm flower bud shot with the TurtleJacket Macro lens

The Macro lens is probably my favourite as I think it offers the most creative opportunities. Here is a shot of a tiny rosemary herb flower (above) measuring not more than 5mm across. With macro lenses, you need to get the camera lense really close to your subject, as near as a couple of inches close or less.


You can see the tiny flower in context here with the close-up shown bottom left.


These little moss shoots were shot with the Macro lens as well. I loved these miniscule little shoots of moss grass dancing towards the light vying for the sun’s attention. With high exposure on the background, these little beauties began to take on a life of their own under the Macro lens. You can see the original shot in context below.


Shoots of moss captured with the TurtleJacket Macro lens.


See the moss here growing on the wall. The patch I shot was approximately 2 inches wide.

Lens: Wide
Here’s a shot of Hope Square, a 2 minute walk from our home. (Fig. 1) is taken with the regular Apple lens.
As you can see the Wide eye lens (Fig. 2) below captures much more to the left and right of this image.

Regular Lens shot:


Fig.1: Taken in ProHDR app using the regular Apple iPhone camera lens. The colour looks a little shaky here as I have used ProHDR app which needs a steady hand or tripod.


Wide-Eye shot:


Fig.2. Taken with the Wide Eye lens.



Lens: FishEye

Here is another shot of Hope Square. This regular shot is a little fuzzy as once again, I shot it with ProHDR and really should have used a Tripod to avoid movement-blur. FishEye lenses always leave the circular frame around your image which can be cropped out using any cropping app. I generally use Adobe Photoshop Touch on an iPad or Snapseed on an iPhone.

Here’s the same shot with the FishEye lens:



Lens: Telephoto

And finally the telephoto lens:

You can see I was able to get much closer to the roofs without losing image quality. I would prefer to use this telephoto lens to the digital zoom options featured in many camera apps which seriously degrade the picture quality.


Telephoto lens


Regular Apple camera lens


Verdict: Overall, this multi-purpose lens kit is an easy to use and versatile lens for your iPhone.  The slightly top-heavy weight is a little disconcerting at first but after a little use I didn’t notice it. There is a lot of fun and experimentation to be had with this great little multi-purpose lens case. Click here to see the full spec, of the TurtleJacket PentaEye f-STD including other multiple lens cases for earlier models of the iPhone.



Nicki Fitz-Gerald

Co-author of The Art of iPhoneographyCentral. Founder of iPhoneographyCentral.com

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