Moving Vehicle Street iPhoneography

I’m a really shy person. My weakness when doing street photography is that when my subject catches me trying to take a photo of him/her, I lose my guts and initiative to take his/her photo.

However, when I do it from a moving vehicle, I have nothing to be scared of ’cause I’m behind the window of a car, which adds to stealth. Plus I’m constantly on the go, so people who don’t like having their photos taken can’t really chase me if they catch me taking a photo of them. Haha!

Reminder: Never do this when driving. Only do this when you’re a passenger.

The key to taking a photo from a moving vehicle is speed, awareness and panning. You should have the awareness to be able to see your subject a few meters in front of you before your vehicle is in line with him/her. The moment you spot your subject(s), you should have the speed to ready your iPhone and have it aimed towards their direction. You should be panning, since you have to keep your iPhone pointed at your subject as your vehicle approaches.

Here are some photo’s I took from a moving vehicle.

What I like about street iPhoneography from a moving vehicle is that it sort of gives you the kind of pictures you wanna take from street photography without the hassle of walking around and being too conscious about other people watching you.The approach is different though, but when done right, the outcome can be really surprising. 🙂


–Steve Rojas–

 Philippine based iPhoneographer



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