Mojo – So much more than a mobile journalism conference

The moment I entered Liffey A, the main venue for the Mobile conference at the Dublin conference centre, I knew something special was happening. I’ve never been to a conference before so I attributed my childlike excitement to first-time conference nerves, the sheer size of the venue; the huge lava lounge, womb like cavity that housed us all scurrying around in anticipation of learning something about mobile…but quite what, we weren’t entirely sure – but something was definitely in the air – it was electric!


MojoCon stage

The last statement’s not entirely true. Apart from delivering my presentation along with fellow super-talented mobile photographers Andy Butler, Brendan Ó Sé, Dan Berman, Dan Rubin, Jack Hollingsworth and Michael Kistler on the Smartphone photography panel, I had very firm expectations and intentions of what I’d hoped to learn and these were a better understanding of the skills of storytelling and also to get to grips with some of the technical challenges when using mobile phones to create video, particularly audio.. Well- I got all of this and a whole lot more…


Me (Nicki Fitz-Gerald) delivering my presentation at MojoCon. Picture by SirCam.

…from the keynote speeches, and the whole of the day’s panel sessions, I was absolutely gripped by the fascinating stories of courage from around the world told via smartphone technology and the inventive ways in which they had been broadcast.


A wealth of knowledge was shared

People sitting all around me were furiously tweeting key quotes (which seems to be the norm at these events) but apart from jotting the odd word on Evernote, I couldn’t drag myself away such interesting speakers and their stories. I learned new words and concepts like “News disruption” and “Citizen News” and how to put some compelling news packages together on the scantest of broadcasting kits (iPhone and a tiny microphone).

Truly though – best of all was meeting the Mojo crowd and sharing our ideas and thoughts for the future – it was the human connection and the will of us all to something good with our talents that made this event so special for me.


Members of the Smartphone photography panel (left to right) Andy Butler, Dan Berman, (Me) Nicki Fitz-Gerald, Brendan Ó Séa and Michael Kistler. Not present members were Jack Hollingsworth and Dan Rubin.

A huge thanks to fellow speaker Brendan Ó Shéa (pictured fourth from left above) and organiser, Glen Mulcahy (below) for inviting me to the event and thanks to all of the truly amazingly talented people I was lucky enough to meet including the seriously engaging, super-nice-guy Patrick Hamilton Walsh (PicHit), Filmic Pro’s Neill Barham, Michael Koerbel,(iPhone film maker – Goldilocks), Marc Settle (BBC’s mojo trainer), Ricky Fosheim (Film maker Uneasy Lies the Mind), Shadi Rahimi (Aljeerz), Dr. Ivo Burum (TV producer and citizen news champion) Sue Llewellyn (Journalist, Broadcaster,…), Patricia O’Callaghan (Journalist RTÉ), Jack Caffrey (Photographer editor farmer’s journal), Richie Donelan (StartUpTV_IRL) Sinead Cassidy(super capable Mojo co-ordinator), and thank goodness for Glen Mulcahy, for his vision and energy in putting the Mojo conference together with such brilliant choices of delegates that equalled his passion and enthusiasm.


Man of the event. The unstoppable Glen Mulcahy

The Mojo conference, was so much more than a conference.


Mimg_9041 copyore MojoCon

The 10 min presenatation – Photography – The Language of our Generation
Each of us on the panel gave a 10 minute presentation. I had done weeks of preparation and my nerves were flying high on the day  To this day, I don’t know if I covered everything, or got my message across but some of it must have gone well judging from the wonderful feedback and warm response I received after the event, both in person and via social media. You can read the whole presentation by clicking here.



WATCH the video tutorial:Flamin' Amy front cover v.small
Click on the video below to see how I created the image Flamin’ Amy (pictured left) on an iPhone.





VIEW the whole presentation:
Click on the image below to view my whole presentation including text and images.

Mojo_Nicki Fitz-Gerald_FINAL.001

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Nicki Fitz-Gerald

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