Mobile Photography Agency Picwant share Top Tips on getting your photos noticed

Recently, one of our regular contributors on iPhoneographyCentral’s flickr group and someone whose work has been featured many times on Apps Uncovered, David DeNagel got the attention of the mobile photography agents, Picwant. David’s touching image of his father was one of 5 images selected for the recent Picwant exhibition.

My Father 91 years

My Father 91 years by David DeNagel was shown at the Picwant exhibition in Milan earlier this year.

Picwant, the mobile photography agency, gathers hundreds of Pickers (contributors) from all around the world. Everyday, amateurs and professional photographers upload their photos and videos through the free Picwant – Mobile Photos and Videos app. Picwant licenses their images through the website and there is also the chance to work on commissioned projects. The agency promotes Pickers through photo exhibitions and is always looking for new opportunities to increase the visibility of mobile photographers.

Exposure for Mobile photographers
There’s no doubt that joining an agency like Picwant will not only develop your creative and commercial photography skills but also give you great exposure via the exhibitions. The recent Picwant exhibition was promoted in 20 online magazines including SkyTG24, Il Corriere della Sera and La Repubblica and after the opening many publications wrote articles featuring the event giving more “exposure” to mobile photography and the Picwant’s Picker’s shots in particular. But that’s not all – this month, there will also be more articles in Italian print magazines so the journey and exposure for Pickers continues.


So if you love to shoot with your mobile phone and would like the chance to exhibit your work, send some of your best shots to Picwant – but, before you go, here’s some advice from the Picwant team to make your images stand out from the mobile photography crowd…

Image result for picwant logoPicwant’s 5 Top Tips on how to get noticed

The 5 “BE‘s”:

  • BE there – that means join valuable initiatives.
  • BE in the right place not just in one place.
  • BE creative  – don’t hold back your creativity and do what you love most. But, also be sensitive to market trends.
  • BE aware of your copyright – Others make their businesses and earning money from your content, so make sure you’re getting a decent part of that! Be aware that any number of your photos could have real value in the marketplace.
  • BE exposed – your visibility can always increase and your work can be seen by many all over the world if exhibited in photography galleries. Picwant holds a number of exhibitons for successful pickers during the year.
  • BE for sale – this doesn’t mean anything negative, just be selective and create real opportunities for your self by making your passion an opportunity.


Eager to share your work and get some exposure?
Here’s  a couple of useful links on how the Picwant app works and how you can become a Picker:

Or download the app from your store here: http://uqr.to/picker

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