Let’s play a game

Okay…let’s start with the top left image. I did not even use this picture in my finished piece but you are better off getting it than not. You may not need it but if you didn’t get it the first time out, good luck setting up again. (Notice the lack of chairs around the table. This is important.)

Photos 2-6. I took these shots using the Gorillacam time lapse (roughly 30 shots, 1 every 5 seconds) mounted on a GorillaPod tripod. I used only 1 chair, this is the important part I was talking about earlier. Using one chair keeps the shadow movement to a minimum. Plus, they will just get in the way. (the fewer moving pieces, the better.)

(Steps continued further down the page)


Photos 7-10. This is where I go Juxtaposer crazy! Juxtaposer is a tricky app but once you get it, everything goes pretty quickly.

  1. Load first image
  2. Load second image
  3. Align images
  4. Start rubbing (brushes are your best friends. Hard brushes for big areas, soft for small or delicate areas.
  5. Once you mask off what you want on your first two images add your next image on top.
  6. Rub and repeat until you’ve added all of you pieces.

You may notices minor inconsistencies in lighting and you may see lines and such, these can be covered up in Juxtaposer. The soft brush is your friend, let it help you. 


Photo 11. I just adjusted the white balance in PhotoForge. I don’t really know if it did me any good because I ended up warming it up again in the next step. 

Photo 12. SwankoLab I believe I used one of the ready made formulas. The details are long gone.

Photo 13. The finished project. I dumped the pic into Lo-Mob. I used the INSTAnt-X Wide frame but I shut off the effect.


The final result:






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