Snow is always fascinating, especially when it is a fairly rare occurence as happens in London.

It is also by nature quite tricky to capture on film, like trying to photograph pure light!

All that whiteness does not lend itself well to being recorded by present camera sensors which although very advanced are still nowhere near capable of reproducing the quality and detail that our eyes can see.

The callenge here was upped even more by choosing to try and perceive movement as in the act of the falling snow without using slow shutter. The trick of course was to use a backlighting source (in this case streetlighting) as well as some mild flash enphasis.

These were shot with Hipstamatic using Jane lens and Blanko film as well as the Jolly Rainbow 2x flash. The Jane lens was chosen for its lack of artefacts in the same way as Blanko film , both quite neutral whilst retaining that Hipstamatic feel. The Jolly Rainbow 2x is a contrast adjusting flash very useful in overly contrasty situations such as snow.

Some detail emphasis was added through the Sutro Instagram filter which opens up shadows and adds a warm pink tone to the image.

Exhilarating and fun – very frozen fingers!



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