How to create this dark illustration style using blending apps & filters

You will also need ScratchCam for this tutorial


1) Below, left is the original picture, "an art piece mannequin exposed at an art exhibit"

2) With Crop suey I cropped some sections of the image


3) Using Montage I assembled the many pieces working on the transparency of every single layer.

4) This is the resulting image after the Montage process (right)


5) I then ran the image through Scratch Cam to give it a more colorful tone

6) In Iris Photo Suite I chose the filter Burnt Paper in the Vintage palette



8) Here is the is the result (left)

9) With Juxtaposer I got the blue eyes out of the picture at step 4

11) Below is the result of adding the blue eyes (left) and finally I ran the image through PicGrunger on the creased filter at a low setting (right)

The final result




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