How to create this Awesome Digital Collage by Mobile Photography Award winner Sara Tune

iPhoneographer Sara Tune shows us the workflow behind "Awesome Sauce", the image which made her a winner at the first Mobile Photography Awards. See the whole process here… 




I love the surreal "Awesome Sauce", a wonderfully textured image which has captured the magical and dreamy moment of a child at play (the artist’s son). California, "born and raised" Sara Tune was kind enough to let us sneak a peak at the ideas and techniques behind her image and if you are curious about the title, Sarah was quick to point out that she hates the title but she’d entered it with the MPA competition and is now resigned to it. Now, here’s how Awesome Sauce became Awesome…


"1. So how this collage started was with these four pictures that I took  of the side of a train car. I love letters and rust and peeling paint. I put the four Picts into Diptic and then ran it through Pixlromatic for color.  

I made this image for a 365 project I was doing with a friend, where we had to post a photo a day.  But when I got this far I thought it was boring and just thought I could play around with it more. So I searched my library for another image to add….


2. So I found this image of my son from another 365 post I had made. It was made B&W in Camera+ and cut out using Juxtaposer

3.Then I put it through pic Grunger for texture

4. At the previous photo I thought I was done and posted it and walked away. But the more I looked at it I realized  more could be done. I found these images again from a few days before I had taken of these lamps and cut them out using Juxtaposer. I  liked the shape that resembled the ball my son was riding but also that they were this odd thing taken out of context  and I liked how it made him look more like he was in motion.  I added them to the clean , no texture version and then added the Pic Grunger and Photoforge2 textures again afterwards. 

5. Then I ran it through Photoforge2 for more overall soft texture . ( it seemed too harsh to me before).

6.  Below is the final image.


You can see more of Sara’s work here:


Mobile Photography Awards. The Mobile Photography Awards were founded by Dan Berman (Reservoir Dan) to promote and harness the global phenomenon of mobile, or cell-phone photography and art.




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