How to create this amazing Sci-fi effect

You will also need Blender, Filterstorm & Lenslight for this tutorial

How to give your photo a Sci-fi Effect using apps such as Lensflare and Filterstorm. A great, fun tutorial that packs a lot of effects into this fabulous, easy workflow. Here is the process to create the final artwork entitled "Green Lantern Save the Earth!"

(1) Original image taken on the street

(2) Using Montage I extracted planets and galaxy from the clipart

(3) Using Blender, I started put together an outer space scene

(4) Using Juxtaposer, I extracted the green lantern and paste it into the outer space

(5) Using Montage again, I select a blue bubble from the clipart.  I change it to green bubble using iris Photo Suite

(6) Using Blender, I place the green bubble around the green lantern.  Then using Filterstorm, I painted back some original image back

(7) I added in the bad guy using Blender

(8) Using Lensflare and Lenslight, I added the beam and explosion. Here is the final image




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