How to create a watercolor painting from a photo

Additional Apps used: Dynamic Light,

Step 1 : Original Image

Step 02 : Using Dynamic Light, I enhanced the color of the image

Step 03 : I convert the image into oil painting using ArtistaOil.  I select lighten and large brush size and brush depth

Step 04 : I blended the image from Step 03 with original image to reduce the saturated color and add back details to the image

Step 05 : Using PhotoWizard, I created a Emboss layer.

Step 06 : Still in PhotoWizard, I create a pencil sketch using Edge Glow and negative.  You can use any app to create this pencil layer

Step 07 : I created a paint layer from Autopainter Benon paint mode.  I blur the painter layer using BlurFx median blur setting

Step 08 : I blended the Emboss and Pencil layers with image from Step 04.

Step 09 : I blended the image from Step 08 and original image in Iris, screen mode.  It give a lighter watercolor feeling to the image

Step 10 : I blended the blur paint layer with Step 09 using Superimpose.

Step 11 : I wanted more control on the color and tone added to the image.  I open the image from Step 9 in Filterstorm and then select add exposure using image from Step 10.   I painted in the sky and some part of the building.

Step 12 : I added a frame to the image



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