How to create a striking illustration style image

A bit about Karen Messick (please scroll down the page to see Karen’s tutorial):

I am a photography instructor for Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, in the Odyssey Program of continuing education teaching intro to digital photography. I am also a workshop leader and lecturer for Penn Camera in Washington, D.C. I have been creating images for over 15 years and have embraced the amazing imagery that can be captured and processed on the iPhone. In November I will be leading an iPhoneography workshop for NatureVisions. 

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I have been accused of having an imagination! The iPhone and all its many apps allows a photographer to imagine an image and create it using different apps blended in Iris for a final image. I love to blend lots of different apps in my workflow to achieve a unique look. I always ask myself….What if? What if I used this app? What if I applied this app? 

The iPhone apps also allow for delightful discoveries. What if I blended these two apps and changed the opacity and blend mode? Recently I have been shooting with ClassicPAN. I enjoy the orientation of the image and the fact that you can see the shot in the cropped format through the viewfinder in the app. I made this shot at the beach as night was falling. I did not have an idea as to what the final image would look like but I started with the app ScratchCam. I frequently use several layers of ScratchCam to achieve a final look in my image. I also use light effects. I have a folder of light effects on my iPhone that include: LensLight, LensFlare, DynamicLight, Rays and Light. These apps can really delight when used in an image and add a very special look! I always like to finish my images by adding a frame in Crop’n’Frame and sign them with Impression.

I am shooting constantly with the iPhone in my everyday life and enjoy discovering new processes and new apps as they are developed. You can find my iPhone blog here.


The Tutorial:

You will also need ScratchCam, Bad Camera, Lenslight & Crop’n’Frame.

Step 1: Image Capture ClassicPAN (or your could use any other iPhone Camera/camera app)

Step 2-4: Try many versions in ScratchCam, save the ones you like to your camera roll for possible blend images.

Step 5: Open Iris and begin to blend layers choosing opacity and blend mode that works for your image and vision. Save to camera roll.

Step 6: Run blended image through BadCamera choosing effects for edge treatment. Save image to camera roll.

Step 7: Run last image through LensLight add stars.

Step 8: Run image through Crop’n’Frame selecting mat and framing style.

Step 9: Sign with Impression.




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