How to create a ready to hang abstract work of art

This is an abstract I made of my son, Lindsey, called "An Echo, a Stain" which started off as a simple Hipstamatic.  I must confess that abstracts do not come easily to me and I wanted to set my mind free and experiment; mindlessly running his image through one app after the other to see what would happen. It quickly occurred to me that I was on the right track.  I wanted the final result to look like ready to hang art, which was accomplished by layering borders from two separate apps.




For this image I used: HipstamaticBlurFX, (Iris Photo Suite to crop the image), Shock My PicScratchCamDipticTiny PlanetsKing Camera and Camera+






Step 1: I started with a simple Hipstamatic of my son.




Step 2:  At this early stage of the process I wasn’t quite sure which direction I wanted to take, but I figured putting the image through BlurFX seemed like a good place to start.




Step 3:  I realized I didn’t want the Hipstamatic’s border so I put it in Iris Photo Suite and cropped the image (of course use your preferred app for cropping).  I then ran the cropped image through Shock My Pic on the finest detail setting.




Step 4:  I’m a ScratchCam junky.  I started to run the Shocked imaged through ScratchCam saving several different variations.




Step 5: I chose my four favorite ScratchCam versions and created a 4 x 4 diptic in the Diptic app.


Step 6: Now here’s when it gets trippy. I ran the diptic through Tiny Planets on the first setting option
and got this result:



I saved the result (make sure you boost the resolution to the maximum amount!) and then reloaded it back into Tiny Planets, but this time I chose the second setting option, which resulted in this:




It was at this point I realized I was really onto something!  I liked that white line extending to the top and wanted to give it a white border to run off into so I put this Tiny Planet version (remember to save at high res) into King Camera.  

Step 7:  While in King Camera I decided to play with their textures and really liked the splash effect on the image (you can find this under their texture setting):




I also remembered that I wanted to give the image a white border so while in King Camera I added the white border under their frames option.  Although I was pretty happy overall at this point, I felt it needed more border, more of a mat to make it look “ready to hang”.

Step 8:  In the Camera+ app I loaded the white bordered image and gave it a thick dark mat:




Viola!  A “ready to hang” piece of abstract art.




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