How to create a painting on a canvas effect

How to create a painterly effect with texture (like a painting on a canvas) using iphone apps.

You will also need the following apps SuperimposeSegmentix.


(1) original image.

(2) Using Fiterstorm, I straighten and brighten the main character in the image.  I darken the background using curve and clone out some unwanted bright light areas.

(3) I applied a texture to the image using Superimpose.

(4) I added light to the crystalball using Lensflare and blend it again with image from step 3 for fine tuning the brightness in iris.

(5) Feeling the texture is too strong, I soften it using Segmentix.  Here the image begins to look painterly.

(6) I applied more oil painting strokes to the image using ArtistaOil.

(7) I restored some details on the face and bright the right lower corner of the image using Fiterstorm.  Here is the final image.

"Here is the light"