How to create a dreamy illustration style in a few quick steps


Then merge the two pictures (dark & light) in Pro HDR. Open the merged pic in BlurFX and add a median blur at approximately 30% to everything except the tree by using the mask. The result should look something like the picture (below, right).


Open the blurred photo in Photo FX. Find the Light FX category, and apply the Glow 5 filter. Save. (5)
Now open the image (4) in Photo FX and this time apply the Halo 5 effect. Save it. This should really soften the whole look of your image to look something like the image below (right).



Now merge the images (5) and (6) in Pro HDR and Save. To do this you need to open ProHDR and selet the Library HDR option and then chose the  images (5) and (6).
Now open the merged image (7) in Iris Photo Suite and apply the Noise Texture to get the effect shown (below, right). Open in Filter Storm and apply the contrast at about 50%.


Finally, still in Filter Storm use the "Add exposure", option. When you click on the "Add exposure" button it asks for a new image. Upload the previous image (7) that you saved. This will gives definition to the overall image especially the tree, as shown in the final result below.




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