How to create a canvas on a poster effect

How to create a canvas poster effect

In this tutorial I have used several apps, some for quite simple functions. The apps I have chosen are, Hipstamatic, Filterstorm, Superimpose, LoMob, Blender, DynamicLight and Lumiere. but, of course, you may use other suitable alternatives.

This is my starting image.

Create a canvas texture


Using Hipstamatic I am going to create the texture of the canvas using slow melody and the film Dali. in my case I photographed a white paper towel, using its folds to give a hint of light and shadow to the image. Then I used Filterstorm to add more light and contrast and correct the image of the canvas.


Blending the images


With the second step we will combine the image of the canvas with the image of the landscape, in my case I used the program as Superimpose.  We will use Superimpose’s contour with a mask, then fading it until the image looks like a single image. 
(Tip)This is a great process which can be applied with other images using different lenses and films in Hipstamatic. Have some fun experimenting!

To get this picture with the application I used Lumiere folds, with no color filter, but using only the effect of the texture represented, photographing a dark background, the resulting image was then processed with some steps and level of contrast with Filterstorm and, finally, to give more punch to the lights and shadows I gave a slight shift with Dynamic Light

Final processing.


To get the edge of the frame I used the program LoMob as I liked the realistic shadow effect. I also used the pleated filter in Blender, and used the merger, saving and recovering the image several times adding different effects including multiplying in soft light, to obtain the desired result, Finally I made some adjustments with Dynamic light.
And this is the end result I hope with this to have stimulated your imagination.



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