How to combine multiple images

You will also need the apps Bad Camera, Scratch Cam, Dynamic LightFilterstorm & Impression for this tutorial.


Some of you may have seen my graffiti series; this one is representative of the process I use to create such images – images that play with light and translucency.

From the graffiti series; 


The Tutorial: The great Easter egg hunt

This is another composite image I created from the Aboriginal mural “Reconciliation”. The mural can be found in Fremantle.  I snapped 15 shots of the mural from different angles, showing different aspects of it, and I managed to get 4 composites out of them all.


This image went through quite a complex process. Essentially, it is a blend of 3 different images.  

Image 1 was processed using the App: Bad-Camera.

Image 2 was processed using the App: Iris Photo Suite.  I resized and rotated it so the white spots were at the top and the red spot at the bottom. At this stage I had no idea what I wanted the final image to look like; such is my creative process, I just go with the flow and let the pictures form themselves.

In Image 3, I used another photo from the same mural, and put it through the App: ScratchCam.  I then used the App: Filterstorm to crop and resize that image – see Image 4.




Now comes the fun part. First, I used Iris to blend Image 1 and Image 2, resulting in what I call Image “A” – see Image 5. Then, again using Iris Photo Suite I blended Image 3 with Image “A”, resulting in more or less the final image – see Image 6.



I wanted to give this a glassy effect without blurring the sharpness of the outlines. To do this, I used the App: Dynamic Light, on the “Orton” filter, which I love as it gives images a lovely translucent, almost luminous quality – see Image 7. I then added my watermark copyright signature using the App: Impression.


I like how the final image turned out, it looks as if the human figures are looking for or have found, giant Easter Eggs! The glassiness of the image adds to the dream feeling.  





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