Group Together

Open up your image in Photoshop Express and use the straighten tool to level up the trees. Then bring your photo into Touch Retouch to remove the bushes in the top left corner.

 The left image shows the scene after the trees have been removed in Touch Retouch. Next open the image in PhotoFX and add the Gold reflector. 


Still in PhotoFX, apply the Warm Pro-mist 3 filter followed by the Sharpen filter.


Next, open your image up in Camera+ and use the Darken and Antique filters as shown below.


Bring the image into Phototreats and choose the Autumn Leaves filter. Save the image and bring it into Photostudio to Texturise the image.


Next in PhotoFX add streaks. Choose Light fx,Streaks, then Vertical 1. Use the Mask to erase some of the light streaks if you feel it is too heavy in some areas.

Tip: Some of PhotoFX filters are well hidden. If you don’t see the Light fx option on the menu on the bottom of your screen, then click on the "More" option to give you a second page of icons. One of these should be a light bulb icon; Light fx. Touch this to bring up page 1 of Light fx. Two little dots (one white, one grey indicate pages of options). Touch the greyed out dot to get the second page of options which contains the Streaks filter.


When you are happy with your light streaks results, bring the image into Pic Grunger and add the aged effect.


Finally, still in Pic Grunger add the style of Gig at about 20%.


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