Good Vibrations

Step 1:

First create the ‘hair’ from an image of some reeds on the north shore of Portland Harbour.

Some basic changes in ‘Iris’, ie. colour, contrast, sharpening, etc., until it feels about right. The preset histogram values on ‘Iris’ are very useful too.

Step 2:

The image was opened in ‘FX Photo Sudio’ – in the Blur feature apply a full strength ‘Vertical Blur’.

Step 3:

Still in ‘FX Photo Sudio’ and in the Distortion feature apply ‘False Mirror 3’ – minimal strength, just enough to get a ripple going

Save the image.

I then went back into ‘Iris’ and added some sharpness, more tweaking on the histogram, and resaved




Step 4:

Open the image in ‘Tiny Planets’ apply the Tiny Planet effect – anything at the bottom of your image is moved to the centre of the screen, anything at the top is spread around all four edges of your new image, the Tiny Tube effect creates the exact opposite.


Step 5:

For the head image I took a picture from a low angle of myself looking towards the sun.


Step 6:

The ‘head’ image was opened in ‘ArtStudio’ and the background cut out with the eraser tool

Step 7:

The ‘hair’ image was imported and placed under the ‘head’ image, the ‘head layer was scaled and rotated and placed in position

Step 8:

The combined image was saved and reimported above the original layers, the layer blending mode was changed to ‘Overlay’ – this has the effect of adding more colour and contrast At this point it is worth noting that the layer modes can create some really interesting effects. In this example, the ‘hair’ layer was duplicated, scaled and rotated to produce the effect with the layer mode set to ‘Overlay’



Step 9:

The final image was cropped in ‘cropulator’  






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