Go On, Protect Us Today

The original photo I took lacked a focus point, and it was honestly very dull and plain. I was trying to snap a shot of the army dude who was the only one walking towards the whole bunch of us. I did a low angle shot to avoid being seen and this was what I got when I went back to take a look.

Original Image



1) The first thing I did was to bump up the image a little using the clarity scene from camera+.




2) Next I opened up the edited photo in Procamera and used two different proFX filters, namely Sunny (image 2a) and Old Canvas (image 2b).

image 2aimage 2b


3) Afterwhich I imported the product into blurFX,  and applied a median blur with 1/3 strength to the entire image.

image 4


4) Importing image 3 into photoFx, I wanted the colors to be a little more "contrasty" and so I decided on using Halo 2 light effect.

image 3


5) Next I imported image 4 (set as base layer) into Iris Photo Suite and layered image 2b onto the base image using the blend mode overlay.

Image 5

I was happy with the texture but the soldier just didnt stand out due to the general color tone of the image. I wanted to bring some of the green back onto the soldier’s uniform.


6) So, using iris photo suite again, i import images 2b (base layer) and the overlayed image (image 5) and blend them together using overlay again.

image 6


This, however, brings color back to the clothings of the passers-by. To solve that, I used the masking action available to selectively remove the colors.



I did blend the finalized image a couple of times more with images from 2b and 5 to bring out more texture on the army dude but its really up to your preferences. So there you have it! 😀

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