FREE UPGRADE for iColorama S – limited offer.

Update your iColorama S app by FRIDAY 11 September!!!

Hurry! If you are a student of our iColorama courses or simply own this app, you will need to update to the new iColorama app today!
There’s a free time limited upgrade ending this Friday 11 September, after which you will have to pay the full price of $5.99.

This is for the iPhone version ONLY!called iColorama S.

It’s a new purchase but costs zero dollars for all current owners of the app. Here are the steps being posted online (not official instructions). (Choices of size, tool, PNG saving are arbitrary. They’re just to get you to the popup window.)

You may need your login password ready for App Store/iTunes purchases.

Instructions to Update to iColorama S:

Update here by Friday 11 September:

Link to the app on the App Store

  1. Open iColorama S
  2. Import photo
  3. Press (Save) button, choose any format (png etc)
  4. Repeat Step 3 above three times and the popup option to UNLOCK FOREVER should appear!
  5. Choose BUY NOW to get it for 0.00 USD.
  6. Test again that you can save and then you are safe!

    Any issues, please contact the developer on the iColorama Community Facebook group

This only applies to iColorama S at the moment, the iPad will follow.

Updates from the iColorama app developer are also being posted in the Facebook iColorama Community Facebook group and I will keep you updated on our Facebook groups iColorama Creative (a private group for our iColorama Creative students only) and iPhoneographyCentral – Mobile Art & Photography (a public group for mobile artists using mainly iPhone and iPad).

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