Flyer Design (11.03.2011 Lives changed forever)

You will also need the apps AnyMark, and Blender


1. I have a message to communicate and make a picture for that message. In that case i shot my wallclock at 14.46, time in which the M9.0 eartquake struck. Then processed it through TouchRetouch to get rid of the brand and used Iris Photo Suite to fix the levels;


2. Through AnyMark i wrote my message on the picture;


3. Got a nice sky stock picture (to symbolize recovery and future) that i send to my iPhone and then, using Juxtaposer, i shaped it erasing the sky around the clock. Then finally, through Blender in multiply, i merged shaped sky and wall clock picture.


4. Through Blender i merged the picture created in point 3 with a spotted texture.


5. Opened the spotted picture in PictureShow to add a worn out border. All of the pictures in my "Pray for Japan" and "Scorie" sets, are either my own personal messages to japanese people affected by that tragic disaster and still suffering from it, and a way to always remember that day. Gambare Japan!




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