Festive tutorial roundup

Practise your editing skills over the holidays by trying out these festive tutorials.


How to create this dreamy image on an iPhone with an Olloclip lens by Kayan Ensan
Creative iPhone photographer, Kayan Ensan shows us how he created his beautiful image in this detailed step-by-step tutorial which covers many useful iPhoneography skills and techniques.


Supermarket Trolleys by Anders Uddeskog
Good use of blur is made in Anders’s easy to follow tutorial

Supermarket Trolleys


Create a painterly winter image: “Snow Fall” by David Hayes
David takes us through some great effects in iColorama in this frosty scene.

Painterly image

Create a cool grunge image by blending 3 photos with ScratchCam by Akbar Makarti
A step-by-step tutorial on how to create this cool wintry-grunge image.

7 Overdrive

3 easy ways to add blur magic to your photos

Creating background blur is great fun to do and can easily add some festive magic to your photos. Here are three easy ways to create the effect.

Bokeh different coloured fairy lights _01

….and finally Nicolas Xanthos takes us through how he created “À un moment donné” using the following apps: Snapseed, Stackables, Superimpose, Handy Photo, Photocopier, and Modern Grunge

Nicholas Xanthos

À un moment donné by Nicolas Xanthos

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