Fasten your seatbelt Dorothy, &#39cause Kansas is going bye-bye.

1. ToonPAINT The image must contain some grey (not just black & white) or the effect will not work.

2. PhotoFX Color using "Tint" option as to not cover the black parts of the image.

3. StripeCam Horizontal stripes on left or right half of image.

4. StripeCam Vertical stripes on top or bottom half of image.

5. DXPMix striped images using "Multiply".

6. DXP Mix striped images using "Halfmix"

7. DotCamera Use "Halfmix" image to create dot image.

8. DXP Mix "Multiply" image and Dot image using "Hardlight"

9. DXP Mix painted image with "Hardlight" image using "Softlight"




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