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FX Photo Studio Tutorial plus Mac version (FX Photo Studio 2) price cut for readers!


If I said FX Photo Studio is one of the most fun photo editing apps on the market, it would be a big understatement. With an outstanding assortment of 194 filters, whether you are an amateur or a professional, you will not be disappointed with this unassuming app. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just a gimmick app with so called "cookie cutter" effects. FX Photo Studio boasts a fantastic photo editing studio that allows the user to mix and tune every single effect and what I especially liked about this app is the control you have over the filters and the ability to do selective masking. Furthermore, the design of this app makes it one of the most intuitive and easy to use apps I possess which is a major plus.


Anyway, here is a taster of the myriad of cross-filter possibilities you can achieve in just one app and if you enjoy this and have a ipad or mac computer you should really check out the ipad and mac versions. The FX Photo Studio for Mac 2.0 offers a discount for iPC readers. Please click here to read more information or buy it now). Original price was £9.67($14.99), the price now is £6.44($9.99) In the meantime, please enjoy this FX Photo Studio for iphone Tutorial below.


The tutorial

Step 1) Here’s my original photo shown on the left. It was actually a really hot day but the clouds were restless. By shooting into the sun, I got this really great silhouette (but obviously watch your eyes, looking towards the sun). I imported the photo into FX Photo Studio and cropped it square and then applied the Yellow Glow filter.

Step 2) Apply Stencil Poster Red filter and Grunge Rays Sepia.

Step 3) Apply the Water filter and use the masking tool (a cloud icon – not shown here) to paint away some of the water filter effect.

NB: Use the eye icon (top) to hide or reveal your mask. Use the rubber and paintbrush to add and remove parts of your mask

Step 4) Make some Contrast and Brightness Adjustments.(left).

Have some fun with the controls, don’t just stick with my suggestions;
Change the hue and saturation, see where Photo Studio can take you!

Some examples of colour changes that can be made:

Step 5) After playing around with the colour controls, my image looked like this. Next I thought some fire would look impressive rising up from the bottom of the image.



Step 6) Finally I added some Fire using Fire 1 filter effect. I also used the masking tool to erase some of the taller flames that obscured my figure.


And here is my final image:



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